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Why Train With AOBIL

Soarent Vision | AOBIL is a highly credible and employer preferred training organisation. It is 3rd party certified as a quality training organisation through the Institute of BI Leadership.

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10 Benefits of Professional Development with AOBIL

We know the application of the training we deliver determines the true value of it.

We also know AOBIL services will bring value to you because:

  1. We do not follow the ’sell courses’ model of delivery, you get content for FREE as a member and only pay for our time and any printing
  2. Content is only assembled by experts in the content being taught
  3. We make sure the courses actually teach and educate you in the content
  4. We use available technology to minimise your costs and offer the best value for your investment
  5. We blend training so it is delivered in the best format for you to learn
  6. Content is presented in multiple modes of delivery so we reach all audience learning preferences
  7. We are only profitable when we give our members value
  8. In translating classroom training, we always maintain content and quality and never shorten courses for the sake of making money
  9. We offer multiple platforms for training participation
  10. You have the option of using the offline packs to continue training while you are on a plane or sitting by the beach

10 Mistakes with Most Online Education

Anybody can deliver training. Training on its own will never generate value; it’s always the application of that training that determines the true value of it.

Most online training offerings we see out there are not delivering value:

  1. They still follow the ’sell courses’ model of delivery
  2. They are assembled en masse by (a) academics or (b) people who possess typing and technology skills but not the skills of the content being taught
  3. They inform, but don’t really teach or educate
  4. They are overpriced given the advances in technology today
  5. They miss the mark in how you best learn
  6. They are presented in the preferred style of the presenter, not the audience
  7. They make money from you when you buy instead of only being profitable if they give you value
  8. They reduce course content in the translation from classroom to online
  9. Online is the only platform of training delivered
  10. You have to be connected to the internet to undertake the training

Lowering Costs of Training

The cost for training with AOBIL recognises that all training content will be FREE in the very near future across all training platforms. So if you are seeking Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training, you could realistically complete all training modules (previously costing upwards of $6,000) for less than $70… and that’s not a misprint.

Why Do We Do It

One simple reason … we want people across the world to have access to the highest quality career enhancing and business performance education without the barriers imposed by budgets and resources.

And Quality is not Compromised

Our philosophy is that the mechanics of a skill or process can be self taught as long as the guidance provided is technically effective and delivered in a variety of forms that suit the learning styles of participants. And we’ve been able to achieve that with a unique blend of written, visual, practical and even classroom components.

ICTO Accreditation

AOBIL is an IBIL Certified Training Organisation (ICTO) and has demonstrated the quality of its training and delivery methods, as well as the robustness of its certification processes. ICTO accreditation is testament to the value delivered by AOBIL.


CPE Hours

As an ICTO, training courses delivered by AOBIL contribute towards Certified Professional Education (CPE) hours required for maintaining CBIL qualifications.

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