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Update Your Understanding of Technology


Technology is changing and advancing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with, you know that don’t you? That’s why you need to constantly update your understanding of what technology can do for you organisationally and personally.

Beliefs you’ve held as recent as 5 years ago about what one can and can’t do with technology might no longer apply.

I can’t properly learn to play chess on a computer, a computer won’t accurately type out what I dictate to it, there’s no way a Doctor could perform a heart operation on a patient who is 1,000 miles away in some remote location!

Beliefs that certain skills cannot be learnt through web based platforms are also challenged.

A student can learn to fly a remote controlled aircraft online without actually having one, countless vehicle owners are learning how to work on their vehicles via YouTube; the availability of software and mechanisms for hosting media are changing the way we interact with instructional information.

Technology is creating opportunities for every leader and organisation that the early adopters will benefit from, and late adopters will regret missing.

  • The replacement of expensive classroom training with lower cost teaching of fundamental skills through use of multi media formats
  • Quick reference and remote access to update-to-date work procedures using video and web platforms
  • Consistent delivery of the same message to employees over time
  • Delivery of information in a way that is interesting and stimulating
  • Opening up learning opportunities that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and completed at the pace dictated by the student

The world is changing so make sure you update your understanding of what technology can do today, and dispel any beliefs you may have held that no longer apply.

Through the AOBIL platform, George and his team are working to lower the cost of professional business skills training without eroding the quality of that training. As a membership site, AOBIL offers business leaders an effective solution for skills development that translates into business results.


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