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Two New FREE Courses on the AOBIL Professional Learning Hub

Two new courses have been uploaded to the AOBIL Professional Learning Hub. The good news is you can access these as our guest for FREE.

Both of these courses are from our School of Global Influence Skills and focus on soft skills.

One of the courses (PPSC) discusses a strategy for “turning any presentation into a persuasive pitch”, and addresses the minimum knowledge you need to be able to pitch an idea and maximise the likelihood of getting buy in from your audience. It is drawn from a presentation I delivered some years ago to executives of Comm Bank (CBA) in Sydney.

The other (FSSC) is a short course that covers the foundation elements of “group facilitation”. This is a perfect pre-requisite for any training involving getting ideas from a group such as lean and six sigma.

You can enrol F.O.C. as our guest simply by clicking on the links below.


George Lee Sye


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