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The Persuasive Presenter

Have you ever presented information to another person or group of people with the intent of influencing their thinking and their behaviour? Of course you have!

  • Being interviewed for a new job or a promotion
  • Pitching an improvement idea to your boss
  • Getting your kids to do some housework or homework
  • Convincing your partner you need another motorbike

Truth is you do this continually unless you’re a hermit.

The ability to present ideas in such a way you move people in the direction you desire is essential in order for you to be effective in parenting, enhancing your career and in relationships of any kind.

That’s what this Persuasive Presenter Course is about.

TPP – The Persuasive Presenter

What we cover in TPP

  • The biggest driver of human behaviour in the modern world
  • How to integrate command and control with influence and persuasion
  • The major mistakes everyone makes when delivering a presentation
  • Ethics of influencing behaviour
  • The syntax to use to turn an ordinary presentation into an extremely Persuasive Pitch
  • One moment of persuasive opportunity you can capitalise on at any time
  • An introduction to the art of linguistics

These cover the skills and knowledge you need to be able to design and deliver a presentation that is incredibly persuasive.

After TPP you will ..

  • Deliver your presentations in an extremely persuasive way where the audience enjoys the process
  • Have the confidence you can effectively present anything to anyone
  • Not make the same mistakes that most others do
  • Recognise ineffective presentations immediately
  • Get more of your good ideas across the line

How you do the TPP training

You complete this training in bite size chunks where you simply watch a video, identify the key points and in most cases undertake a post lesson activity.

You will need to take notes.

There are quizzes to undertake at the end of each lesson which are a part of the learning process; there is no course examination.

After TPP

The TPP course gives you a solid framework for designing and developing an extremely persuasive pitch. What’s missing is the detail of how you structure your language and how you connect the content of your pitch with the finer processing biases of your audience.

In the next course in the series – The Persuasive Leader – you get those additional skills which makes your presenting method even more refined in terms of opening the door into someone’s mind and shifting their thinking and behaviour in a desired direction.

Getting Started

The TPP Course is only available online as part of our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Learning Pathway.

TPP in Face-2-face Masterclass Format

If you would like to have George Lee Sye deliver this personally in masterclass format to your organisation, contact us.

Our Office +61 (0)438 128 338



Don’t think about taking this course, just take it! You will not regret it and it’ll be one of the best 3 hours you’ve spent!

Rebecca Chao – Perth, WA

Thank you, I learnt lots, but would love to learn more … a real eye opener.

Nat Jarlett – Perth, WA

I didn’t know exactly what this course would teach me but was very positively surprised. When I start practicing on my wife and children they will be surprised as well. 🙂

Marc Sanders – Perth, WA

Definitely adds value, especially for those in roles that require influence without authority.

Ray Rombawa Jr – Perth, WA

This course has challenged my thinking with regard to scoping and presenting continuous improvement opportunities. A big take away is to remember framing the idea around the audience values and beliefs.

Knshy Hodges – Perth, WA

This is a great course which I can take learning to both my personal and professional life.

Keegan Anthony – Perth, WA