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The Persuasive Leader

Have you ever experienced resistance to your ideas, or push back for a suggestion that seems so logical to you?  Yes, we all have!

  • When offering suggestions to your bosses
  • Telling peers about a better way to do something
  • Suggesting a more effective way to your kids or partner
  • Showing a customer or potential client your service or product offerings
Every single one of us has delivered information that does not resonate well with the person who receives it, and then wondered why they don’t see it the same way as you do.

The ability to get through another person’s filters to the world, and then when you’re inside their head communicate in such a way they really do understand what it is you are saying and the feelings of motivation you experience, underpins everything else you will learn in this school.

That’s what this Persuasive Leader Course is about.

TPL – The Persuasive Leader

What we cover in TPL

  • 5 Foundation concepts that underpin the skills you employ when influencing thinking and persuading people to change their behaviour
  • Key tools for building rapport and connecting with the thinking patterns of your audience
  • How to elicit information that tells you how others are processing and thinking at any given point in time
  • How to present information so you get through people’s individual filters
  • How to say something so you connect with how your audience prefers to process the information

These cover the skills and knowledge you need to be able to get the most out of the content covered in all other MGIS courses.

After this course you will ..

  • Write your emails differently
  • Observe non-verbals you’ve never noticed before
  • Say things differently
  • Be conscious of your natural communication biases
  • Present information in a way that is more engaging

How you do the TPL training

Complete this training in bite size chunks by simply watching a video, identifying the key points and in most cases undertaking a post lesson activity.

You will need to take notes.

There are quizzes to undertake at the end of each lesson which are a part of the learning process; there is no course examination.

After TPL

The TPL course teaches you what you need to know about delivering content in a way that matches thinking patterns of others, and how to elicit and recognise the cues that tell you about their thinking processes.

In the next course in the series – The Ultimate Presenter – you get extensive array of advanced leadership skills which you probably have never heard of. These will significantly impact your understanding of how language affects behaviour, how to eloquently influence thinking, and how to deliver content in a way that causes people to perceive your deliveries as light years ahead of everyone else. Brilliant for trainers and teachers as well as presenters.

Your persuasive ability and appeal to wider audiences will expand rapidly as a result.

Getting Started

The TPL Course is only available online as part of our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Learning Pathway.

TPL in Face-2-face Masterclass Format

If you would like to have George Lee Sye deliver this personally as a course to your organisation, contact us.

Our Office +61 (0)438 128 338