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The Persuasive Facilitator

There are many occasions when the elicitation of good ideas or solutions from other people is necessary.

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Business improvement project work
  • Solving problems
  • Developing marketing plans … etc
The challenge lies in getting people to think outside the square, come up with ideas or solutions that make a real difference, and then getting them to reach consensus about what they will move forward with even though it might not be their own idea.

This Persuasive Facilitator Master Class is about those skills.

TPF – The Persuasive Facilitator

What we cover in TPF

  • Barriers to innovation and ways to approach creative thinking in a team
  • The flow of facilitation that maximises the opportunity to come up with good ideas or solutions
  • 3 key elements of success for any group idea generation work
  • Foundation facilitation tools that help you to quickly reach consensus in a team environment
  • How to practice the effective art of questioning as a facilitator

After this course you will ..

  • Facilitate the generation of ideas and solutions using a clear process
  • Shift team thinking into a more creative / right brain space if required
  • Build consensus quickly around ideas to carry forward
  • Ask better questions as a facilitator

How you do the TPF training

This training is only offered in half day face-2-face masterclass format at this time. It will be offered online soon.

After TPF

The TPF course teaches you what you need to know about foundation facilitation skills and tools.

In the next course in the series – The Persuasive Presenter – you shift into the phase of work where you get to ‘pitch’ or present your solutions and ideas and seek to get buy in from key stakeholders.

Your influence and persuasive ability in both work and home situations will expand rapidly as a result.

TPF in Face-2-face Masterclass Format

If you would like to have George Lee Sye deliver this class personally to your organisation, contact us and we’ll advise how to go about it.

Our Office +61 (0)438 128 338