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The Simplest Way For Getting Lean Six Sigma Certified

Many people undertake some form of Lean Six Sigma training and then end up frustrated in that they never progress their personal development to the point of competency ‘certification’. We have a solution.

The problem becomes obvious in two ways:

#1 When you present yourself for promotion or employment and are unable to demonstrate some form of formal recognition for any competency you propose to posses with business improvement methods

#2 You are unable to effectively demonstrate practical ability with business improvement methods

Fortunately there’s a solution, and a simple one at that!

Accelerating The Lean Six Sigma Certification Process

Let’s suppose for a moment you’d done your training with us at AOBIL or through Soarent Vision.

You’ve got two options for attaining the LSS Green Belt qualification:

  • (A) you can undertake a work based project and then pursue the certification process; or
  • (B) you can participate in a 3-day application masterclass

Option B, a simulation based face-2-face masterclass, has turned out to be the best way to do this for a number of reasons:

  1. It gets you through the ‘skills application’ process quickly and without the need to find a work project
  2. It addresses both Lean and Six Sigma oriented project scenarios so you fully understand the difference
  3. It mentors you through the correct process for applying lean and six sigma methods in relevant problem solving contexts

Nice and simple!

So if you want to finish off what you began, drop us a line and we’ll get you underway again.

If you’ve finished the training program with us and only need certification, Click Here for details of any scheduled masterclasses.

The Evolution of Lean Six Sigma Learning Pathways

To update yourself on how lean six sigma learning pathways have evolved, Click Here to read a recent article.

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