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Persuasive Presentations Training With George Lee Sye

The Persuasive Presenter Course delivered by George Lee Sye is the 1st in the series from the School of Global Influence Skills. In this video he explains how it fits in the overall model of change.

While this course was designed to help you deliver a presentation to any audience in the most persuasive way possible, it goes way beyond the concept of a ‘formal presentation’. The psychology and process presented in this course has application in any situation where you deliver information about a new idea and seek to get someone’s buy in.

It’s application is at home and at work! For more detailed information about the full training course, visit The Persuasive Presenter course page here.

You can access this course in short form via George’s AOBIL Professional Learning Hub. Course content is offered at no charge. If you’re committed to achieving your own career potential, it’s worth a visit – Click Here.
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