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Share Training Responsibility With Employees


Leaders seek to employ people who “demonstrate commitment to improvement” or who “maintain up-to-date skills”. Yet more often than not employees who’ve been recruited no longer have responsibility for skills development. They are only educated when force fed training through the organisation’s HR system.

And the problem?

The problem is this – responsibility for developing skills has shifted to the HR function. You’ve only got to speak to a HR Manager to realise they struggle to get people to courses when time away from work is an issue. Cancellations of training are all too frequent. When those cancellations are external to the organisation, the expenses are mostly not recovered.

We have the opportunity now to share the responsibility for self development and continual skills upgrading, the benefits of which can be both cost saving as well as the upskilling of current and future leaders and influencers.

How we do that can be quite simple.

STEP 1 – Access a membership platform with suitable skills development content.

STEP 2 – Provide the opportunity for staff to demonstrate commitment to self development by giving them (a) memberships and (b) a clear competency development plan suitable for progress in the organisation.

STEP 3 – Recognise / reward employees who demonstrate self motivation and who enhance their own skills beyond the drive of HR.

Through the AOBIL platform, George and his team are working to lower the cost of professional business skills training without eroding the quality of that training. As a membership site, AOBIL offers business leaders an effective solution for skills development that translates into business results.


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