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Process Alchemy with Lean Six Sigma


Process Alchemy is a practical guide to Continual Business Improvement with Modern Day Six Sigma and Lean Thinking.

It’s popularity has extended to mainland China where it has been translated into Chinese by Oriental Press, the largest publishing company in China.

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Written by George Lee Sye

There’s a tonne of information out there about lean and six sigma methodologies, most of it at the technical level which is mostly relevant to practitioners.

What line managers and business leaders need is information at a higher level that helps them understand how to actually use these methodologies to improve and generate relevant value.

That’s what Process Alchemy is:

It’s a definitive guide to the leadership of business improvement using modern day Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies.

The Book

  • 450 pages (2nd Edition)
  • Written by a highly experienced and successful practitioner, not a theorist
  • 13 Chapters covering three major areas – (a) Understanding how it works, (b) Implementing it, (c) The change journey and continually improving your improvement strategy

Note – the term ‘six sigma’ is used more frequently at the front end of the book and should be seen as referring to ‘lean and six sigma’

If you are kicking off your improvement journey, this book is perfect as a source of information for you and your line managers.

Table of Contents

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