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eBook – Tools For Championing Improvement


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A Strategy Checklist, a Self Assessment Tool, and a comprehensive Project Review Guide to save BI Champions a tonne of time and help them drive improvement projects to success even faster.



This is a printable eBook version of a Business Improvement Champion’s Toolkit developed by George Lee Sye.

What Is This eBook About?

The questions you must answer in your role as project champion include these:

  • How and when do I run project review meetings?
  • What questions should I ask at those project review meetings?
  • Have we got everything covered in our business improvement strategy?
  • Do I have the right perspective as a business improvement champion?

This eBook answers those questions for you!

It was written to help improvement champions do their job more effectively, save time and drive better business outcomes through business improvement work.

Reviewing BI Projects as a Champion

This books explains how and when to hold improvement project reviews. It also provides you with a set of questions you should be asking at each of these.

Developed over a period of ten years, these questions now guide the activities of Lean Six Sigma Project Champions around the world and are linked directly to the 20 step DMAIC model presented in Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma.

Checking Your Business Improvement Strategy

The book also provides a simple checklist that will help you review your lean six sigma / business improvement strategy and make sure that you have at least thought about some of the key elements that will cause it to generate returns for your company.

Undertaking a Self Assessment

If you’re game, you could even undertake a simple self assessment in relation to your approach to business improvement. As you already know, it’s tools like these that cause us to improve personally.

Using this book is like having a mentor work with you directly. Once you print it out and see how many times you refer to it when championing improvement projects, you’ll realise how important this is as a resource for leaders committed to continual improvement.

ISBN 978-0-9872326-0-1


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