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LSS Green Belt Training and Certification via AOBIL-PLH


This is the ONLINE OPTION for completing  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification.

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Welcome to this online version of what is possibly the most effective lean six sigma training program in the Asia Pacific region. Developed by George Lee Sye, author of best selling ‘Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma’, this program offers you the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in self-paced skills development that can enhance your career
  2. Generate quantifiable value for your employer (if you apply it)
  3. Develop an understanding of the most practical approach to using lean and six sigma
  4. Learn indirectly from George Lee Sye, the man who wrote the book on lean six sigma application

This training is delivered online and requires that you apply it after you run through the program. It follows the same structure we use when we deliver this in a classroom and is not some old six sigma program where a few lean tools have been thrown into the mix.

If face-2-face format is more your style, or you want to accelerate the attainment of formal certification, then take a look at George Lee Sye’s classroom courses here –


Your learning pathway to attain the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) qualification follows a stream of education comprised of two major training modules and one certification module.

GB MODULE 1 – (LTF) Lean Thinking Foundations – the equivalent of 3 days face-2-face – comprised of 12 online lean courses.

GB MODULE 2 – (SSF) Six Sigma Fundamentals – the equivalent of 4 days face-2-face – comprised of 14 online six sigma courses.

GB MODULE 3 – (LSSGB) The LSS Green Belt Certification process – it involves completion of an online open book examination, the leading of at least one improvement project, and the collation and lodgment of evidence of competency.

The flow of training looks like this.


After successfully passing through this learning pathway, you will be able to:

#1 – Identify value adding improvement opportunities that relate to the lean and six sigma methodologies;

#2 – Effectively lead and manage business improvement projects that deliver a quantifiable benefit;

#3 – Utilise both Lean and Six Sigma methods according to project context;

#4 – Increase profit margin through delivering cost reduction and/or revenue increasing results; and

#5 – Sustain improvements over time.


(a) Lean and Six Sigma principles

(b) The integration of Lean and Six Sigma into the DMAIC process

(c) Project chartering

(d) Process documentation and value stream analysis

(e) Data collection for cause and effect analysis

(f) Baseline performance analysis using process efficiency metrics and process capability metrics

(g) Locating the source of waste or variation

(h) Drill down and comparative cause and effect analysis

(i) Validating cause and effect relationships with statistics

(j) Solution generation methods

(k) Solution selection / decision making processes for different scenarios

(l) Eliminating waste with Lean tools and processes

(m) Solution implementation and performance control


During the quantitative analysis component of module 2 (SSF), you will need to access SigmaXL Statistical Analysis Software (a MS Excel Add-in) OR Minitab Software. SigmaXL can be obtained through us and Minitab can be obtained directly from Minitab Inc, and then installed and run for a trial period at no cost.

SIGMAXL – visit

MINITAB – visit

You can obtain activation codes for SigmaXL from us here at Soarent Vision.


The principle body of knowledge for this program is contained in the text book – Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma 2nd Edition (by George Lee Sye). As you move through the program, readings will be provided from the book to support students who have not yet obtained a copy.

Process Mastery is available from the AOBIL Bookstore here. 

AOBIL also distributes a SigmaXL User’s Handbook. This will certainly prove useful to anyone completing the full LSS Black Belt program.


Full competency based certification to obtain the QUALIFICATION of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) is included in this learning pathway and can be undertaken at your leisure after completing the training modules.


AOBIL has posted answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Certification for your reference here –

Additional information


1 February to 7 February, 2 March to 8 March, 6 April to 12 April, 4 May to 10 May, 8 June to 14 June, 3 August to 9 August, 7 September to 13 September, 5 October to 11 October, 9 November to 15 November, 7 December to 13 December


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