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In Print – It’s NOT A Problem (First Part)


It’s Not A Problem is a practical guide for effectively solving problems in your life. It is an inspiring book for those pursuing personal excellence.

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Written by George Lee Sye

Discover this practical guide to problem solving for life today.

An inspiring book for those of you pursuing personal excellence that will change the way you feel about the inevitable challenges you are confronted with, what you believe about yourself and ultimately how you go about dealing with those challenges.

Problems are a foundation for growth. Muscle growth occurs when you push against massive resistance. And so it is with emotional muscles; by dealing with problems head on you are logging in time in the gymnasium of life.

This book may well be called a workout guide. It provides you with 10 principles that will empower you, change the way you approach life’s inevitable challenges, and enhance your leadership skills through helping you better master yourself.

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