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Audio Book – Springboard to Business Growth


An Audio Book By George Lee Sye

Once in a while someone comes along with a fresh idea that influences our behaviour and the results we get in business. In this audio presentation, the author introduces you to some interesting ideas for how to accelerate your improvement efforts towards sustainable business growth.


Cost Cutting Mindsets

In troubled times, companies often fall back to ‘cost cutting’ as the means for growth.

  • Does cost cutting really work?
  • What is the problem with a slash and burn approach to growth?
  • Why do most companies that cost cut, end up in a worse place 2 or 3 years later?

This audio book by George Lee Sye discusses the psychological flaws that impact the success of any cost cutting strategy and presents some interesting examples of where it has gone wrong.

So if cost cutting is not the answer, what is it that drives business growth in the most remarkable companies of today?

Not only do we need cost control and cash management in our companies, we also need to be aware that the real engine behind the success of any organisation is its people. The challenge lies in how you get the best out of people; how to get continual and proactive improvement from every single individual.

That’s what this audio book is about … sustainable business growth through the most underutilised asset in your company!


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