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The Modern Day Master Black Belt

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Please NoteIf you are simply looking for a Master Black Belt certificate, this is probably not for you.

If you are looking to develop a set of skills that will serve you, accelerate your career and add value to the organisations you work with, plus get that certificate; read on.

A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Not that long ago it would have cost you a fortune to become a genuine Master Black Belt. Today it can still be quite expensive though more options are available, predominently in the USA.

At AOBIL we’ve been developing MBBs since the early 2000s through integrating a high quality Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program with a unique set of courses focusing on (a) influence, persuasion and change leadership, and (b) business execution.

This AOBIL MBB development program is now an extension of that approach, albeit with the price and access advantages offered with the development of online training mechanisms.

How It Works

There are 6 steps to achieving certification as a LSSMBB through AOBIL:

STEP 1 – Complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Training

STEP 2 – Get Certified as a LSSGB

STEP 3 – Complete the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

STEP 4 – Get Certified as a LSSBB

STEP 5 – Complete the additional Master Black Belt Training program

STEP 6 – Get Certified as a LSSMBB


Through AOBIL’s Professional learning Hub, content developed online by George Lee Sye is offered for FREE with admin fees only charged for our time and printing of materials. The majority of online modules of the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt learning pathway, plus the certification process, will be made available for $590.00 (exclusive of GST). The ‘bootcamp’ and ‘external lean six sigma training’ listed below are accessed separately.

MBB Skills Development Summary

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts certified through AOBIL will have developed a portfolio of highly sought out technical and soft skills including these:

  • Lean and Six Sigma Project Leadership Skills
  • Quantitative Analysis Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Creativity and Idea Generation Skills
  • Presentation and Pitching Skills
  • Organisational Change Leadership Skills
  • Business Execution and Productivity Skills

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

The MBB Qualification

In order for AOBIL to certify you as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, you must:

  1. Attain AOBIL’s LSSBB Qualification
  2. Complete the Training Courses listed in the tables below
  3. Make application and provide evidence of application and competency in the soft skills of influence and persuasion and the hard skills of business execution
AOBIL Members have unlimited access to all of the AOBIL training modules listed for MBB skills development.

The Master Black Belt Learning Pathway

Once you’ve attained the level of LSS Black Belt with AOBIL, your learning pathway follows the stream of education shown below. Face-2-face / classroom training is available for delivery in-house where indicated.

Note: Module 5 is only available in a public format and is delivered only once per year.

AOBIL's Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Learning Pathway

AOBIL’s Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Learning Pathway

Master Black Belt Training in Detail

Part 1 – External Lean Six Sigma Development

Module / Program Duration Comments
01 – Advanced Lean or Six Sigma Training Equivalent of 3+ days Classroom This training is to be accessed externally and must be the equivalent of at least 3 days of training

Part 2 – 4 Global Influence Skills Modules

Module / Program Duration Comments
MGIS 01 – The Persuasive Presenter Equivalent of 0.5 day Classroom Turning a presentation into a persuasive pitch for buy in
MGIS 02 – The Persuasive Leader Equivalent of 2 days Classroom Influence and persuasion methods for one on one and team based interactions, foundation skills
MGIS 03 – The Organisational Change Agent Equivalent of 3 days Classroom Planning and leading the roll out of organisational change so that it sticks over time
MGIS 04 – The Advanced Presenter’s Boot Camp 6 day Classroom only Advanced methods used by the most influential presenters in the world, perfect for trainers

Part 3 – 2 Business Execution Skills Modules

Module / Program Duration Comments
MBx 01 – The Productivity Equation Equivalent of 2 days Classroom Maximum productivity at a personal level, less stress while focusing on the few things that matter
MBx 02 – Business Plan Execution Skills Equivalent of 2 days Classroom Executing a business plan with focus, clarity and a minimum of stress and time compression


The MBB Online Learning Pathway is Available Here Soon