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School of Global Influence Skills

The complete Master of Global Influence Skills (MGIS) training program is included in the AOBIL Master Black Belt Program.

3 Change Leadership Scenarios

Here is a short video about the 3 change leadership scenarios you must prepare for.

These 3 scenarios present your greatest challenges, thus your greatest opportunities to stand out from the pack in this highly competitive world.  

Click HERE to watch in full screen format.

Those Who Stand Out Most Can Do These:

  • Draw on the CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION of people
  • Cause BEHAVIOUR TO CHANGE so it sticks over time
  • Ethically get BUY-IN to value adding ideas

This Program Teaches:

  • One-on-one influence,
  • Presentation skills that capture the imagination of an audience,
  • Pitching ideas and getting audience buy in,
  • Engaging stakeholders, and
  • Formally planning and leading the roll out of change.

Globally Transferable

These skills will serve you no matter where you are in the world. We know that because human neurology is fundamentally the same regardless of culture.

The only thing that changes are the triggers and stimuli that people respond to.

‘WOW. Honest, tools that work; stories that make a difference; life facilitation that finally brings an Aussie voice to what till now has been an American invasion – love it! love it! love it! When you hit your target of shaping 1 million people’s lives with your lessons I know Australia will be a better place – congratulations.’
Deanne Tindale – Dream Vast

How It Works

The Master of Global Influence Skills (MGIS) training program is included in the lean six sigma master black program and accessible for $100.00 + GST; certification is optional and extra.

4 Core Training Modules

Module / Program Duration Details Offline Pack
MGIS Part 1The Persuasive Presenter (TPP) Equivalent of 0.5 day Classroom 1 Course, 20 Videos Available in the LSSMBB Offline Training Package
MGIS Part 2 – The Persuasive Leader (TPL) Equivalent of 2 days Classroom 6 Courses, 31 Videos ‘as above’
MGIS Part 3 – The Organisational Change Agent (TOCA) Equivalent of 3 days Classroom 8 Courses, 30 Videos ‘as above’
MGIS Part 4 – The Advanced Presenter’s Boot Camp (APBC) 6 day  Classroom only immersion program The ultimate skills development event for presenters, trainers and change agents. NA

Program Content

  • Turning a simple presentation into a persuasive pitch for buy-in
  • Methods and processes for ethically influencing thinking and motivation
  • Frames of persuasion that you can apply at work and at home for positive change
  • How to cause permanent behaviour change in others
  • Advanced presentation skills that you can apply in small or large presentations
  • The use of linguistics to influence thinking and feelings
  • Structuring a dynamic presentation and consciously eliciting emotional states in any audience
  • The process of selling ideas
  • How to plan and lead organisational change that is sustainable over time and engages all stakeholders
  • How to evaluate and accelerate the maturity of an organisation undergoing change

This training can be complemented by other courses and master-classes delivered by George Lee Sye.


The application of concepts for certification requires time and effort on your part to complete; so this is recognised in the qualifications on offer to you.

STAND ALONE PATHWAY – If you are undertaking this without completing the technical aspects of a Lean Six Sigma qualification, then successful completion of the optional certification process will result in you being issued with the Master of Global Influence Skills (MGIS) qualification.

FULL MBB PATHWAY – If you are undertaking this as part of your master black belt training, upon completion you will be issued with both a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB) Qualification as well as a Master of Global Influence Skills (MGIS) Qualification

Course Access

Included in the AOBIL Master Black Belt Training Program


‘George Lee Sye has a cognitive and conceptual ability that is by definition ‘genius’, however sincere humility would see him embarrassed by such a label. It is rare in each of our lifetimes that we have the opportunity to engage with an individual with George’s abilities, altruism and (he would be embarrassed again by this) – compassion, for he actually does care about each person he meets. In previous occupations I would have followed George into any high-risk situation and trusted him with my life implicitly. Similarly, this trust is transferred more globally by my unreserved recommendation that any person who wishes to enrich their life to join with George on the journey.’

Dr. John Rolfe – Queensland Police Service

‘If I could grasp and maintain just a portion of George’s energy and enthusiasm, and just some of his teachings, then I, the people I come into contact with and the community would be much richer.’

Warren Hicks – BIS Industrials


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