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School of Business Execution

Included With The AOBIL LSSMBB Package

business execution training online australiaBusiness management is an essential component of every organisation that can be easily integrated with change leadership. Yet business management, which is fundamentally a simple concept, is inadvertently made more complex than it needs to be.

Unfortunately this causes frustration, time compression, personal stress and often disappointment when it seems every day is an extension of the pressures of the day before.

We want you to be able to consistently do the following with a degree of simplicity:

  • EXECUTE the business plan plan with speed and clarity
  • Collaboratively focus on OPTIMISING VALUE STREAM performance
  • Manage the INTERACTION OF PEOPLE for maximum productivity with fewer non value adding meetings
  • Operate in the most appropriate TIME SPANS and at the most appropriate LEVEL OF DETAIL
  • FOCUS the attention of staff on RESULTS
  • Get employees to link their ACTIONS to the BUSINESS PLAN

The greatest cause of failure in business is the inability to execute. Let’s not repeat that failing ourselves. The only way we know how to achieve that is through some simple yet profoundly effective training.

The Business Execution Skills Development Program

This program is designed to help you deliver on your business plans and utilise continual improvement as a key enabler in the achievement of business objectives.

George Lee Sye will take you through a series of short courses that cover the concepts of:

  • The psychology of execution and productivity.
  • Rhythms of activity at the personal and organisational levels that systemise your execution work.
  • Connecting people to the business plan.
  • Value based decision making.

These skills will serve you no matter industry or business you work as the framework simply systemises what you need to do and keeps you focused on the right things at the right times.

Combined with our Global Influence Skills Training Program, this forms one of the most comprehensive and effective programs of business leader development in the world today.

3 Modules of Training (10 Courses)

Module / Program Duration Details Offline Pack
MBx Part 1 – The Productivity Equation Equivalent of 2 days face-2-face 5 courses, 20 videos Provided in the MBB Offline Training Package
MBx Part 2 – Business Execution Skills Equivalent of 2 days face-2-face 4 courses, 11 videos ‘as above’
MBx Part 3 – Value Based Decision Making Equivalent of 1 days face-2-face 1 course ‘as above’

Program Content

  • How to shape your thinking for maximum productivity at a personal level
  • The psychology of time and how stress responses limit performance and innovation
  • How to use annual, quarterly, weekly and daily rhythms to systemise your personal work and the work of your people
  • How to utilise the syntax of planning across multiple dimensions of activity
  • How to cascade the business plan into a quarterly growth plan
  • How to consistently drive organisational focus on the few things that matter most and measure progress
  • Connecting your personals and organisational values to decision making models


While there are only 3 modules of training and 10 short courses, the application of concepts for certification requires time and effort on your part to complete; so this is recognised in the qualifications on offer to you.

STAND ALONE PATHWAY – If you are undertaking this without completing the technical aspects of a Lean Six Sigma qualification, then successful completion of the optional certification process will result in you being issued with the Master of Business Execution (MBx) qualification.

FULL MBB PATHWAY – If you are undertaking this as part of your master black belt training, upon completion you will be issued with both a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB) Qualification as well as a Master of Business Execution (MBx) Qualification

Course Access

Included in the AOBIL Master Black Belt Training Program


‘Knowing George’s outstanding facilitation skills, I expected an interesting and entertaining course – and this was delivered in spades. What I didn’t expect was such a simple, workable model for life and enterprise mastery. I always admired George’s great self-discipline and his ability to achieve two or three times the level of output of other people. I now know that secret (or at least one of the secrets) to his success. I only wish’ that I had learnt this 15 years ago as I was embarking on my career. While I’ve been reasonably successful with my career and personal life, I have now doubt that I could have achieved even greater success through the application of some of the learnings from the program.’

Gary Warden – Global Leader Operating Excellence BHP Billiton


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