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Low Cost Online Lean Six Sigma Training Does Not Mean Low Quality

The world of professional development is evolving rapidly. Not just in terms of product quality, but also in how training services are priced. AOBIL offers one of the best Lean Six Sigma training programs in the world and is now pressuring its competitors to match its low cost benchmark.

The Low Cost Price Benchmark Is Set

As technology continues to evolve, professional Lean Six Sigma training providers like AOBIL are able to continually refine and improve the way in which they delivery business improvement education.

Content in multi media forms is much easier to produce, hosting and delivery of those media are more stable, and the integration of different platforms is pretty much seamless … and, as I wrote about in a recent article on my own website, providers of content must realise that the internet pushes us down the path that encyclopaedia businesses followed in that we must give it away for free or we will disappear from relevance.

What that means for us here at AOBIL is better service and value for you at a lower cost of delivery for us. We always pass these savings on to our members.

Unlimited access AOBIL Membership offers content for free, and only fees for printing or out time. That means we now offer the lowest cost Lean Six Sigma training in Australia.

The obvious question – does lower cost mean lower quality?

Low Cost Does Not Mean Low Quality

That’s old thinking based on an idea that the cost of producing and delivery is stable or fixed across industry. In the world of technology, that’s not the case.

LinkedIn and Facebook membership is free, does that mean low quality? You can upload as many YouTube videos as you want for no cost, does that mean low quality? The answer is NO it does not mean low quality.

In face the opposite is true.

We’ve continued to improve the training as well as add additional resources. Even so, with growth in our customer base and exposure to a much bigger market, that does not equate to higher cost. Ultimately everyone is a winner through better training at a lower cost.

For a business solution proposal for your organisation, simply drop us a line at and we’ll provide what you need.



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