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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

The Online Training Option

To complete the ONLINE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program, 5 steps are involved:

STEP 1 – Enrol in the Online LSS Green Belt Learning Pathway

STEP 2 – Log In any time to access 2 core modules (26 courses) through your ‘user’ account

STEP 3 – Download and access tools, templates, and resources as required

STEP 4 – Pass the online / open book examination

STEP 5 – Apply lean six sigma at work, assemble and lodge evidence of competency


Through AOBIL’s Professional learning Hub, content developed by George Lee Sye is offered for FREE with admin fees only charged for time to mark assignments and where printing is necessary. You can enrol in this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training for $590.00.

The Classroom Training Option

To attain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification via the classroom training option, 4 steps are involved:

STEP 1 – Enrol in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Classroom Training

STEP 2 – Attend the training course on the schedule dates

STEP 3 – Pass the online / open book examination

STEP 4 – Assemble and lodge evidence of competency generated during the training course


You can enrol in this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training class with George Lee Sye for $2500.00 which includes the certification process.

Why You Should Use The AOBIL Approach

QUALITY OF CONTENT – The AOBIL Lean Six Sigma training program was designed and developed by the man who wrote the book – George Lee Sye, author of Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma.

OTHER PROVIDERS – Many courses propose Lean content as well as Six Sigma content, yet few separate and teach the two as complimentary yet different methods for addressing specific performance gaps.

THIS COURSE – The AOBIL course has an advantage in that it enables you to differentiate and effectively lead both Lean and Six Sigma oriented improvement projects. This is a career enhancing skill sought after widely in large organisations.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE – The AOBIL approach means the fees incurred by an individual to be a member are fully tax deductible as professional development.

VALUE FOR MONEY – A full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program of the highest quality for $590 (online) or $2,500 (classroom)

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Learning Pathway

Your learning pathway to attain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt qualifications follows a stream of education involving completion of two modules in either an online or classroom environment, application of what you learn and then a certification process.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Detail


  • Identify value adding improvement opportunities
  • Effectively lead and manage business improvement projects that deliver a quantifiable benefit
  • Utilise both Lean and Six Sigma methods according to project context
  • Increase profit margin through delivering cost reduction and revenue increasing results
  • Sustain improvements over time


Module Duration Online Offline Classroom
GB01 (LTF) Lean Thinking Foundations Equivalent of 3 days face-2-face 12 Short Courses, 22 Videos Available as an option In-house or Public Event
GB02 (SSF) Six Sigma Fundamentals Equivalent of 4 days face-2-face 14 Short Courses, 40 Videos (as above) In-house or Public Event


  • Lean and Six Sigma principles
  • The integration of Lean and Six Sigma into the DMAIC process
  • Project chartering
  • Process documentation and value stream analysis
  • Data collection for cause and effect analysis
  • Baseline performance analysis using process efficiency metrics and process capability metrics
  • Locating the source of waste or variation
  • Drill down and comparative cause and effect analysis
  • Validating cause and effect relationships with statistics
  • Solution generation methods
  • Solution selection / decision making processes for different scenarios
  • Eliminating waste with Lean tools and processes
  • Solution implementation and performance control


To Enrol

LSS Green Belt Training ONLINE Package Here LSS Green Belt Training CLASSROOM Package Here

Full Program Details

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


Certification is included in both the online and classroom training options, but is pursued as an optional process.

Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here.