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Lean Six Sigma Training Program

How It Works

AOBIL Members are provided with 24 hour access to all enrolled modules of this Lean Six Sigma training program. Access includes all tools, templates, course videos and any mentoring resources.

You have an Infographic and Detailed Information below to show you the flow of training a member undertakes.


Fees to access to this high quality Lean Six Sigma Training program, developed by George Lee Sye, are the lowest in the country where we now offer the content for FREE and only charge an admin fee for time and printing – Green Belt training (including Certification) is available for $590 (online) and $2,500 (classroom), Black Belt training is available for $680 (including Certification process) ex. GST.

The entire program was designed by George Lee Sye; author of Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma; it focuses heavily on competency development and requires value adding application in the workplace for certification to be completed.

AOBIL’s Lean Six Sigma Program in Detail


  • Module 1 – Lean Thinking Foundations Program (LTF)
  • Module 2 – Six Sigma Fundamentals Program (SSF)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification requires (a) the demonstration of competency plus (b) the successful completion of an online examination.

Certification can be undertaken as part of the online green belt training program, or at the end of the classroom green belt training program, or in certain corporate situations through a classroom based masterclass.

Externally Trained people can undertake RPL Certification – More Info Here or visit the Lean Six Sigma Certification Pathways page here.

Click Here for Full LSS Green Belt Training Course Details


  • Module 1 – Failure Mode Effect Analysis Course (FMEA x 2 courses)
  • Module 2 – Project Management Skills Course (PMSC x 2 courses)
  • Module 3 – Quantitative Decision Making Program (QDM x 7 courses)
  • Module 4 – Quality Function Deployment Course (QFD x 1 course)
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification requires (a) certification as an AOBIL LSS Green Belt, (b) the demonstration of competency through leadership of at least 3 projects, plus (c) the successful completion of an online examination.

Certification can be undertaken as part of the online black belt training program.

Externally Trained people can undertake RPL Certification – More Info Here or you can visit our Lean Six Sigma Certification Pathways page here.

Click Here for Full LSS Black Belt Training Course Details


  • 4x Influence and Persuasion Courses from AOBIL’s School of Global Influence Skills; PLUS
  • 2x Execution and Productivity Courses from AOBIL’s School of Business Execution; PLUS
  • 1x External Advanced Training Course
Optional Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification is issued upon (a) successful completion of all training and competency requirements, and (b) application by the respective candidate.

Click Here for Full LSS Master Black Belt Training Course Details

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What People Say About This Training

In this fast paced world it’s often too easy to get quick fixes. I once embarked on a trip to Melbourne with the promise of a Black Belt in Six Sigma within a week. What was the catch? There wasn’t one. I paid the money and sat in a room for 10 hours a day for 5 days. On the Friday afternoon I left with a freshly printed Black Belt Certificate. During the flight back to Perth the first threads of doubt crossed my mind. What had I really learnt? Did I have the confidence to call myself a Black Belt? The answer was no. The course was too rushed without real depth. At least the hotel food was nice. Statistical analysis was covered in the final hour. Ten weary faces staring at an overhead … no hands on, no use of a computer.

Five years later I found myself embarking on my second Black Belt. Within minutes of meeting Harry Sinko I knew the course would be special. Here was a professional facilitator who was also disciplined in the technicalities of Lean and Six Sigma. How refreshing that the comprehensive guide book used was written by the owner of the Soarent (George Lee Sye) with additional tips and commentary by Harry. The book is now my professional bible as I convert to becoming a Lean Six Sigma professional. My second Black Belt is not yet finished. But when it arrives in the post it will replace the counterfeit one hidden under the bed.

Alistair McGuinness – Fortescue Metals Group, Perth

I am proud and honoured to say I have met George and always thoroughly enjoyed his training. He is a special individual and one of his rare gifts is taking complex subjects and making them easy enough for people like me to understand. The way he has delivered the QDM is no exception and now with his book I feel complete in my journey towards greater process understanding.

Rob Weare – Rio Tinto, Perth