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Leadership Education with George Lee Sye

There’s been a tremendous increase in the number of requests for George to deliver AOBIL training in masterclass format, particularly those topics that come from the School of Global Influence Skills. Here’s how some organisations are approaching it.

The Most Commonly Requested Topics

George Lee Sye AOBIL

The most commonly requested topics are these:

  • How to lead change without formal authority
  • How to facilitate innovation and creative thinking
  • How to influence behaviour so people change willingly
  • How to persuade people to say yes to your requests
  • How to get team to reach consensus quickly
  • How to get value out of the use of Lean Six Sigma methods in a company

Masterclass and Team Building Options

The following options give you an idea how some companies are approaching this type of training with their management and supervisory level staff members.

#1 – Half-day Pitching Masterclass
A half day session where George delivers his Persuasive Presenter masterclass. This is the most commonly requested session over the past ten years and focuses on how to pitch an idea persuasively and raise the likelihood of audience buy in.  Suitable for Sales People, Presenters, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Line Managers.

#2 – Half-day Facilitation Masterclass
A half-day session where George delivers his Persuasive Facilitator masterclass. A practical session that will help team work through idea generating processes and tools to help teams reach consensus quickly.  Suitable for Trainers, Facilitators, Improvement Practitioners, Project Leaders.

#3 – Half-day Innovation Masterclass
A half-day session where George delivers his masterclass on the topic of Innovation and Creativity. Rooted in sound modern day psychology, it’s a fun and interesting session that answers many questions about how to drive innovation and creative thinking.   Suitable for Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Facilitators, Leaders and Line Managers

#4 – Two-day Influence Masterclass
A full training program where George delivers his Persuasive Leader masterclass in a course format. Teams with leave with a clear framework for more effective team communications, knowledge of contributions to team conflict, and the means to populate the content of any pitch to suit any specific audience.   Suitable for Sales People, Presenters, Trainers, Facilitators, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Line Managers

#5 – Team Building / Team Cohesion Program
A powerful way to build team cohesiveness and build persuasive influence skills is to commence with (a) the half-day Persuasive Presenter masterclass, follow with (b) the Persuasive Leader masterclass and conclude with (c) a workshop to resolve specific challenges that impact team performance. This can be tailored in any way that suits your organisation.

Lean Six Sigma Training

George is also one of most well known and successful educators in teaching the practical skills of lean and six sigma. He delivers a full classroom based lean six sigma green belt program on the Gold Coast – click here for details.

To find out how to set this up in your company and how we can tailor this to suit, simply give us a call or send an email.

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