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Training Solutions for Governments and Local Councils

Low cost, high quality government staff development

Cost control and cashflow management is as important to governments today as it is to businesses. Yet department leaders still need to close skills gaps, simplify and make change seamless and permanent, build confidence, and engage and retain employees.

AOBIL is designed to upskill your staff at the lowest cost possible in 3 very specific government business related disciplines using the highest quality professional training developed by George Lee Sye.

icon-returns-50Discipline 1 – Business improvement with practical methodologies that help you pull waste out of functions and department processes

icon-presenting-50Discipline 2 – Getting buy in to progressive ideas for change, and then causing the implemented change to stick over time

icon-productivity-50Discipline 3 – Maximising personal productivity and executing department plans more effectively without excessive stress

Training costs can be reduced by anything up to 90 percent.

By integrating online / self paced learning of mechanics with workplace application and mentoring, you are able to get results in the most important aspects of government business, yet reduce your outlays significantly so funds can be utilised elsewhere.

You have two options to choose from; (a) a consumer based solution with AOBIL, and (b) a tailored solution.

OPTION A – The AOBIL Professional Learning Hub

A Professional learning hub with individual access

Staff have access to AOBIL content with individual membership accounts.

Each individual member can manage and track their own training progress.

With dedicated training time at work, course progress can be accelerated.

Monthly updates on staff development progress

Monthly training status reports can be provided to you to ensure you know exactly where your people are in their skills development activities.

These will show you what program each staff member has completed and their individual status of completion for other courses.

The end result = a low cost solution for exposing your staff to AOBIL’s training programs and learning pathways. The can be complemented with onsite masterclass training.

OPTION B – Your Own Tailored Professional Learning Hub

1. We work with you to construct your tailored learning curriculum – you get all of our course content (which took us 20 years to create) included in it for unlimited access by your staff.

2. We implement your branding, system design settings and training specifications; then we integrate our courses with your existing courses for delivery as company learning pathways.

The end result = you have a customised learning management system (LMS), established in an unreasonably short time frame, ready for organisation wide staff development. Watch the following video for more information.

Additional cost savings

We also work with you to host and deliver any department specific training courses.

Design training

icon-design-50Work with you to design any training course as required.

Develop or convert content

icon-record-50Record, edit and document for self paced learning.

Host your courses

icon-hosting-50Upload content onto the secure learning platform ready for delivery.

Provide secure access

icon-locked-50Provide secure access for your staff only.

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We were fortunate to have George present three guest speaker sessions covering a number of key leadership topics. The responses provided by many attendees on the day were overwhelmingly positive and this was also reflected in our formal evaluations. Many of the comments indicated that the theory and techniques were easy to apply and were put into practice by participants immediately after the sessions.  – Kate Stephens – Director, Human Resources and Organisational Development, Department of the Premier and Cabinet