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Questions About Fast Tracking Certification and RPL

Q8 Part A – If I have not completed your training, will my previous Lean Six Sigma training be taken into consideration when undertaking certification?

The answer is Yes. The process you go through is referred to as Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL.

In the RPL process you will need to provide full information related to the training you’ve undertaken and demonstrate competency in the way that is specified in your RPL certification pack.

You still go through the normal process all of our students follow by accessing the relevant online certification product.

What if I can’t meet all of the requirements?

If you are unable to meet all of the requirements for certification, you can easily close out the gaps as an AOBIL Member and access the relevant training for a low fee of $52 per month.

RPL Readiness Checklist Available Now

To find out if you have what you need to complete the RPL process, you should download the RPL Readiness Checklist below.

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For more information about Lean Six Sigma Certification Pathways click here.

Q8 Part B – I have done training elsewhere, can I get your Black Belt qualification?

Yes you can. Refer to Q8 Part A for an explanation of what is involved or visit our Lean Six Sigma Certification Pathways page.

Q8 Part C – I have done projects without formal training, can I get certified as a GB?

From a possibility angle, yes you could provided you were able to (a) pass an examination, and (b) present project information that showed competence with all of the necessary elements of the qualification.

From a practical perspective it is highly unlikely. But the good news is this – provided your project/s were value adding business improvements that fit within the framework of lean six sigma, you could (a) complete the online GB training (would take you as little as 2 months), (b) undertake the certification examination, and then (c) provide some documentation evidence of competency.

Bottom line is this – to obtain an AOBIL Qualification you must meet our minimum standard. This is what guarantees the value of the qualification you receive from us.

Q8 Part D – Can I get Certified without doing a project?

No, not through us. A project is a vital part of the competency aspects of the process and necessary to show you can actually use the methodology and add value.

Q8 Part E – I want to get certified but am not in a role that requires projects, what can I do?

We created the 3-day application masterclass to help students get certified in situations where they cannot do project work in their workplaces or they don’t have proper mentoring available to them.

It is a classroom based simulation where you will learn how to apply both methodologies (you need to have completed the online GB training first) and then complete 2 projects – a Lean project solving a throughout problem, and a Six Sigma project solving a process variation problem.

Q8 Part F – I have been made redundant and want to add LSSGB or LSSBB to my resume, can I fast-track?

If you haven’t done any Lean or Six Sigma training you still need to complete the training course. The good news is yes you can speed up the process by undertaking the AOBIL self paced Lean Six Sigma training program which you complete at your own pace.

It is possible to complete the entire online training component in as little as 3 months. Your challenge will be in getting certified, a process which requires project completion and the ability to demonstrate competency.

Q8 Part G – I have undertaken AOBIL’s 3-day Application Masterclass; do I need to assemble and lodge evidence of my work in that masterclass?

Yes, masterclass participants do need to lodge evidence of competency for a number of reasons.

#1 – Most importantly, any qualification issued to you by us will be of higher value when it meets the governance requirements of a professional learning body such as; this need for you to lodge evidence is a requirement of these standards.

#2 – The masterclass is a ‘learning’ course where we help you learn the how-to’s of application in a project context; our goal is to guide you through lean and six sigma type projects; it is not a certification course where we would need to spend more time on individual competency evaluation.

#3 – Not all competencies are demonstrated in the masterclass, i.e. the complete use of 5S, quick changeover (SMED) and generic pull system calculations; these need to undertaken as separate activities.

#4 – The creation of a project report is a core task of any lean six sigma project leader, and as you assemble evidence of competency you are effectively practicing this skill.

You’ll notice we provide you with a template specifically for masterclass students now, the intention here it to maximise use of the work you’ve undertaken during the masterclass and the photos taken of tools without the need to replicate or type into word format.