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Questions About Black Belt Certification and Training Costs

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Q10 Part A – What is involved in getting certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with AOBIL?

To be formally certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you must develop relevant skills associated with the methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma first.

You then demonstrate your ability to apply those skills in the workplace and generate value for host companies.

The goal of this process is to assess your knowledge and competency with Lean and Six Sigma methods as a business improvement practitioner at a level recognised globally as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

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This certification process requires that you undertake the following:

  • You lead multiple projects requiring Lean and Six Sigma expertise and the ability to manage a project through the DMAIC sequence; and
  • Submit validated project reports (accompanied by affidavits signed by project champions) for 2 projects that demonstrate your ability with Lean Six Sigma; and
  • Attain a 75 percent pass mark for the LSSBB examination

When you purchase this certification, you will be provided with:

  1. Guidelines for submission of your LSS Projects
  2. Forms (personal details, affidavit)
  3. Access to an open book examination which you will be required to complete within a specified time frame

Who Should Participate?

  • Students of the AOBIL training program who seek LSSBB qualifications after completing QFD and QDM modules of training, and are already certified at the LSSGB level
  • Any BI practitioners who have (a) undertaken formal LSSBB training elsewhere, (b) are certified at a minimum level of LSS Green Belt, and (c) have relevant application experience, and (d) who wish to attain LSSBB qualifications


Upon successful completion of this training, you will be issued with:

(a) Statement of Qualification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) in recognition of the level of competency you have achieved

(b) Accreditation as a Certified Business Improvement Leader (CBIL) issued by IBIL Australia


(a) Must have participated in formal LSS Black Belt level training (evidence of participation will be required)

(b) Must be certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt already (if not, you will need to complete the LSSGB Certification first)

(c) Must have led a minimum of 2 x Lean Six Sigma oriented business improvement projects

(d) Must have access to a computer and relevant statistical analysis software (Minitab ®  or SigmaXL ® )

(e) We recommend you have access to the body of knowledge used for examinations – Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma

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Video Explanation

Q10 Part B – What would it cost me to get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with AOBIL?

Let’s assume 2 things – you need to complete both Green Belt and Black Belt training, and you are disciplined enough to maintain momentum to completed the Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training courses in a reasonable time frame, the following cost scenarios would be close to the mark.

Green Belt Training Costs

Option 1 – Do the training, do a work based project and then undertake online certification process

Option 2 – Do the training and then participate in the 3-day Application Masterclass

Black Belt Training Costs

The Process – Do the training, do 2 work based projects and then undertake online certification process

Overall a full Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training program with certification might cost as little as $1,180 (+GST) or as much as $1,680 (+ GST) through AOBIL.

These are realistic prices that present incredible value for money. The use of videos supports the lowering of costs, yet the quality of the training is not eroded.

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