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AOBIL – A Professional Training Solution for Progressive Organisations

Skills Development is Important, Yet Training Costs are Cut – A Modern Day Business Paradox

How About a Tailored Skills Development Hub!

  • Up and running in < 1 month,
  • The best course content available without you having to spend 20 years developing it,
  • Zero exposure to any copyright or IP risks,
  • You stay focused on your core business and not get drawn away from it, and
  • No need to spend a tonne of money doing this.
Our tailored business solution resolves the challenge you face in creating your company wide skills development platform and populating it with tried and proven training content in 3 core areas.

And, most importantly, you avoid turning yourself into the thing you don’t want to be – A TRAINING ORGANISATION.

This is how:

1. We work with you to construct your tailored skills development hub – you get all of our course content (which took us 20 years to create) included in it for unlimited access by your staff.

2. We implement your branding, system design settings and training specifications; then we integrate our courses with your existing courses for delivery as company learning pathways.

The end result = you have a customised professional skills development hub, established in an unreasonably short time frame, ready for company wide staff development.

The wheel has already been invented, there’s no need to spend time re-inventing it.

We’ll provide course content in 3 core business skill areas.

Cost control and cashflow management is a continual modern day business challenge. AOBIL is designed to upskill your staff at the lowest cost possible in 3 very specific business disciplines using the highest quality professional training developed by George Lee Sye.

icon-returns-50Discipline 1 – Business improvement with practical methodologies that pull waste out of your business
icon-presenting-50Discipline 2 – Presenting and pitching ideas, leading organisational change that is sustained over time
icon-productivity-50Discipline 3 – Personal productivity and executing business plans more effectively with less stress

We’ll reduce your training costs significantly, yet maintain quality.

At the detail level, this is how we can still maintain quality in the training while reducing your costs significantly:

1. Teaching the mechanics of 3 leadership disciplines in an online, self paced environment, we can offer unlimited access at an extremely low cost.


2. Driving workplace application with (a) training drills, and (b) competency based certification that focuses on value for the host company.


This Is A Company Wide Solution

Unlimited users

Any and all of your staff and employees are provided with unlimited access user accounts. Each user can manage and track their own training progress. With dedicated group training time at work, course progress can be accelerated.

Automated reporting

Training status reports are automatically generated for key people (as specified by you) to ensure they know exactly where your people are in their skills development activities. These will provide information as specified by you including what learning pathways each staff member has completed and their individual status of completion for any courses.

Additional Cost Saving Options

AOBIL’s tailored professional learning management solution also offers a development service for any company specific training courses.

Design training courses

icon-design-50Work with you to design any training course as required.

Develop or convert content

icon-record-50Record, edit and document for self paced learning.

Host your courses FOC

icon-hosting-50Upload content onto your secure LMS ready for delivery.

Provide secure access

icon-locked-50Provide secure company only access for your staff.

Next steps

What to do

Contact us and we will provide you with (a) a tailored proposal specifically designed for your organisation, and (b) access to our ‘demo’ professional learning hub.   Onsite training is still available – for information click here.   If you’d like to sample the content in real time and have George to deliver a 3 hour masterclass from The Persuasive Presenter program, we’d love to do this.

Our contact details

  • Phone – 0438 128 338 (Australia)
  • Email –

Additional Information Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this a completely online training solution? ANSWER – In most company cases, no it’s not. Online platforms provide a very effective way to manage training and deliver content that lends itself to being learnt in a self paced, online environment. This solution is most effective when your business education is approached in a blended format where online learning is supported with coaching and workplace mentoring. Ultimately it depends on the skills you want people to develop.

Q2. We have our own training courses already, what do we do with those? ANSWER – These courses can, where it makes sense, be converted into online training and uploaded into this new learning management system. They can be totally self paced or a combination of online, classroom and workplace coaching; depending on your design. Alongside any content we provide for you, these courses can also be an element of any ‘learning pathway‘ you set up for your people.

Q3. How long will it take to set up this learning management system for us? ANSWER – In most cases we can have your fully customised training platform up and running within 1 month of commencement of the project. This is dependent on how much work is necessary to translate courses you already have into packages for inclusion in the platform. As part of our proposal process, we will discuss this in some detail to get a sense of exactly how long it might take.