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An affiliate program is effectively a partnership program where one party provides a quality product or service (that’s us), and the other party (that’s you) simply refers people to these products or services.

In return for these referrals, a commission is allocated to you when any of your guests join AOBIL as a member or attends any paid training course or purchases any AOBIL products. This commission continues to be paid to you as long as you remain an active affiliate of AOBIL.


commission-40-percentIn addition to our desire to provide high quality low cost services to our customers, we want this to be a beneficial partnership for all parties involved in an affiliation. To achieve that we’ve set our commission for referrals at 40 percent of all fees paid by individual customers.

commission-25-percentBecause of the significant discounts we offer corporate customers for group training solutions, the commission rate for corporate accounts is set at 25 percent of all fees paid by corporate customers.


As the Affiliate Program is operated entirely on the web, this is what you’ll need:

  1. A reliable email account,
  2. Web access, and of course,
  3. The motivation to take action and make this work.


  1. You register as an AOBIL Affiliate and your secure personal affiliate control page is automatically created
  2. You are provided with web page links that have your personal affiliate code embed in them.
  3. You pass on information about Membership options on our web site to your network via email (the simplest way to do this) or via a website (some affiliates build web sites around affiliated products)
  4. You are not expected to sell anything
  5. You are able to check the progress of your account and activities of your network on-line in your personal affiliate control page
  6. Program Terms and Conditions are here

When a guest first joins the AOBIL membership, they are automatically assigned to a single Affiliate based on the link they use to purchase the membership product.

While we realise that sometimes several Affiliates will encourage the same guest to purchase a membership, the Affiliate relationship is determined solely by the action of that particular guest.

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