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aobil global influence skills george lee syeAOBIL is the brainchild of George Lee Sye.

It was created for the purpose of providing the highly accessible professional development you need in order to be as successful as you can possibly be as an employee and leader within an organisation.

It was designed and developed as a career enhancing platform for motivated people.

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We Started AOBIL Because Of The Education Gaps That Exist in All Businesses

When he completed his MBA, George noticed the university taught him how to write a business plan but not how to execute it; they showed him how to develop a marketing plan but not how to actually generate sales.

After studying what is happening in the skills development system, George and the team recognised there is a major gap in most people’s education from a career perspective.

WHAT EVERYBODY RECEIVES IS – training in specific technical skills that prepare them for employment in some discipline or stream of work.

WHAT FEW PEOPLE EVER GET – are the generic skills that close out the gaps around all of the other activities required of somebody who is:

  1. highly promotable,
  2. most appealing to an employer as a potential employee, and
  3. capable of making a noticeable difference in business performance.

They don’t get the level of education and resources they need in the disciplines of:

  1. Executing business plans so objectives are achieved easily
  2. Waste elimination and variation control using practical Lean and Six Sigma methodologies
  3. Innovation, creativity and group facilitation
  4. Pitching ideas for buy in and then planning and executing sustained organisational change


Is Your CV Sufficient

Without those skills, the competitive employment edge is lost. You lose out to somebody who can quantify the value they bring to an organisation, you get beaten by a competitor who is able to present and pitch their ideas and themselves better than you.

That’s why we have created AOBIL. We’d love to share what we have with you as an AOBIL Member.

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Why Choose AOBIL As Your Business Skills Training Platform?

Value Offering From AOBIL

Unquestionable Value For Money

why aobil

Traditional education is normally delivered in a ‘pay for course’ model which can cost a student anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per day of training. Even online courses are priced on an equivalent per day rate.

AOBIL does not sell courses. It is a PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT site where you invest a small amount to receive unlimited access to resources and online training you’ve enrolled in. This includes bundled courses, videos, audio lessons, printed readings, tools and templates.

AOBIL offers the lowest cost way to close the skills gaps you have, your investment is totally predictable, and it matches the needs of businesses today with budgets being squeezed.

Unlike the old course selling approach, we do not make a profit from one member. We only succeed when we deliver value to all members over time, so the onus now sits fairly and squarely on us to continually prove that value for you.

And our members also receive discounts for all saleable products such as printed books, certification and face-2-face events.

Enrolments for individuals are fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and enrolments for company staff can be obtained via PURCHASE ORDER.

You can commence your AOBIL Membership here

Backed By A Highly Credible and Professional Team

why aobil

AOBIL is backed by George Lee Sye and a team of professionals who have been in this business for more than 20 years.

We’ve trained more than 100,000 leaders and are widely recognised for our ability to deliver high quality content in virtually any format that best suits the learning objectives of an audience or host company.

With this level of expertise, credibility and track record of success, you can be assured we will help you achieve the results you want from your studies with us.

The Highest Quality of Training and Learning Experience

why aobil

The professional development we offer has been created by George Lee Sye to give you the skills you need in today’s workplace and business environment.

All of our development programs are designed and developed by experts in their respective fields, and carefully assembled so that the online and offline training experience is both enjoyable and effective.

Key learnings are cleverly reinforced and you’ll enjoy new ways of learning with videos, quizzes, readings and activities.

Subjects And Content Relevant To Your Needs

why aobil

AOBIL offers information, resources and training across a range of subjects that are relevant to your business needs today.

From the more logic oriented business execution, problem solving and lean six sigma topics, to the grey and murky areas of influencing thinking and persuading others to buy in to your good ideas; we take you on a journey across all dimensions of thinking that underpins your ability to succeed in the business world today.

Employers want people who can improve business, execute plans, solve problems, come up with good ideas and get those implemented quickly and sustainably. And our success is only based on our ability to engender those skills in you.

Flexible Access That Works Around You

why aobil

Few of us have the time and space to drop everything, put life on hold and attend a lengthy seminar or training course.

AOBIL makes it possible to study in the most flexible of ways, not just in terms of when and where, but also in terms of what you study.

  • Any Course
  • Any Time
  • Any Where

Study at your own pace, even as little as 1 hour per week, and integrate your self development into your life according to a workload and schedule that works for you.

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