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6 Books That Will Give You A Career Edge

You’ve never been exposed to more competition for jobs and career promotion than today. It’s a global onslaught promoted by the internet. Continued learning and self development is essential and these 6 books will help give you the mental edge you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Recommended Books

These 6 books will change how you think about thinking, time management, problems, focus, people, team leadership and making money in business. These books will help you think differently than most people you will compete against for career progression.

#1 – How To Take Control Of Your Brain


This is one of the most popular self-development books through Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle Store with more than 250,000 copies downloaded.

It is easy to read and simple to follow. It is a guide to performance psychology and provides you with tools for controlling your conscious and unconscious thinking patterns.

It simplifies and turns self control psychology into a practical toolkit we all can use in day to day life and is the first book we recommend to everyone we coach.

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#2 – Kill Your To Do List Before It Kills You

Kill Your To Do List Before It Kills You x500pxWhipping out a pad and pen and writing down a ‘to-do’ list of things so you don’t forget anything while you’re being bombarded with info, updates and demands won’t make one iota of difference to your life!

Prioritised ‘to-do’ list thinking emerged way before computers ever came into our lives. And one thing’s for certain, they won’t solve the problem to which they inadvertently contribute.

This book presents a post-computer way to approach self organisation, or as we referred to it in the last century; time management.

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#3 – The Problem Solving Brain


This book complements How To Take Control Of Your Brain, by continuing the brain control theme and enhancing the way we think about and address challenges and problems we experience.

In this book we discuss problem solving from two perspectives – firstly how to take control of the problem solving nature of your brain, and secondly from the perspective of how to actually deal effectively with the problems of life.

It tells you how you can consistently tackle and resolve life’s inevitable challenges, how to use these challenges to enhance your career and your unconscious thinking patterns so you become the best you can and get from life everything you know you deserve. This is a mental workout guide that will shift your thinking and position you where you cannot be ignored by potential employers.

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#4 – Extraordinary Team Leadership

A Guidebook for Extraordinary Team Leadership

This iBook presents a discussion on the most important foundation skill a leader can possess – the ability to work with people and get the most out of a team.

It addresses a range of key elements including (a) group facilitation tools and methods, (b) managing effective meetings, (c) communicating to different people and connecting with different thinking patterns.

The book has been globally successful as a knowledge resource used by project team leaders involved in improvement work in business around the world.

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#5 – Creating Wealth IN Business

How To Create Wealth In Business

This covers the most important concepts associated with how wealth is created in business.

It is designed to cause you, the reader, to understand how businesses are valued, how your work in improving business processes can be connected to the values of a business leader or board member, and how you need to think about businesses if you are interested in buying, selling or investing.

It is not designed to be an investment training book, though it covers topics related to business investment.

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#6 – People, Leadership, Growth

How To Lead People For Business Growth

This book provides a stimulating discussion on the psychology that underpins business success, how that is achieved through people and how you can resolve many of the people issues you are confronted with today.

It leaves the reader with no doubt that a better understanding of human behaviour and the ability to get people to perform to their potential will have greater effect on business growth than any other skill.

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